Fujitsu starts growing electronic oranges

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Fujitsu Ltd. started a partnership with Sowakajuen Co. to cultivate mandarin oranges with the help of technology. The purpose is to improve productivity in the growing of famous Arida Mikan brand of mandarin oranges.

The project, which employs cloud computing, sensors, PCs and smartphones, will allow workers to keep track of the specific tasks, measure operational costs and pass on information in a more efficient way.

Data on air temperature, soil temperature and precipitation will be recorded by sensors and stored in datacenters for future reference. Each of the 5,000 trees will receive a unique ID number and be closely monitored for daily changes in growing characteristics, including diseases that may occur, such as pests.

Workers are using smartphones to record data and take photographs of the trees and fruit.

Fujitsu is working together with the fruit testing laboratory of the Wakayama Research Center of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, in order to manage the data it collects for this project.

The city of Arida in Wakayama Prefecture will use the electronic data to strengthen the Arida Mikan brand and revitalize the region. The city will also explain how the new technologies work and promote them to other mandarin orange growers in the area. [JCN Newswire via All Japan newsToday] Photo by

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