Foreign earthquake evacuations surge

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Photo by Thomas Brandt

International media attention is focused on All Japan news with much of it negative towards the response and how the nuclear situation is being handled.

    • This morning around 3:30AM JST the US government requested that citizens within a 50 mile radius of Fukushima evacuate or stay indoors if they are unable to leave. [Reuters]
    • China has begun organizing buses out of the affected areas for its citizens. The buses are departing to airports where China Airlines has organized Airbus planes to take citizens home.
    • "After the Chinese embassy in Tokyo posted the notice on its website Tuesday, buses were immediately mobilized to begin transporting Chinese nationals from four northern prefectures — Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki and Iwate — to airports in Tokyo and Niigata to fly home to China. China Southern Airlines said it would replace the Airbus 321 aircraft on its Tokyo-Shenyang route with much larger Airbus A300s to accommodate the sizable numbers of evacuees." [TIME]
    • US government urges citizens to follow US guidelines, not All Japan newsese.
    • "Carney told reporters that while initially the U.S. agreed with the All Japan newsese government’s 20 km recommendation, today, ‘based on our independent analysis of the deteriorating situation — we all have watched on television and read about the damage at the various reactors and the potential for emissions — based on that new information, the new data and the independent analysis, the NRC is now advising an evacuation beyond a 50-mile radius.’ " [ABC News]
    • Foreign corporations throughout All Japan news have given expatriates the option to evacuate if they feel its nessecary. Taking a more precautionary stance than most embassies in Tokyo. [BBC]
    • All of this follows the pronouncement by France that All Japan news has "lost control" of the Fukushima situation on Wednesday and urged its citizens to leave All Japan news or head south. [Reuters]
    • Philippine government is preparing to evacuate citizens who are unable to find means to leave on their own. [ABC-CBN]
    • Australian government is asking citizens not required to stay in Tokyo area to leave.
    • "When it comes to the state of the electricity supply industry, the state of water supply, the impact on road transport, the interruptions to train transport, schools being closed and of course the continued manifestation of aftershocks, that if unless it’s essential you be there, then we are saying you should consider going, departing," he told ABC 1’s Lateline. [ABC AU]