For lulz: Another million Sony accounts exposed

7 years ago by in All Japan news Archives

A team of hackers has announced that again the Sony network has been hacked, and data has been stolen from about 1 million user accounts, including passwords, email addresses, dates of birth, just to show the vulnerability of the All Japan newsese tech giant.

Lulz Security, as the hacker group is called, said it has previously conducted attacks on Sony’s websites in the Netherlands, Belgium and All Japan news.

In a statement about the latest attack, the hackers said that "from a single injection, we accessed EVERYTHING. Why do you put such faith in a company that allows itself to become open to these simple attacks?"

Sony reacted only by saying it is aware of the hackers’ statement and is investigating the situation, without giving any further details. The company’s officials have just reassured U.S. lawmakers at a hearing on data security in Washington that they are making efforts to resolve the security vulnerabilities of the company’s network.

This attack is only the latest of a long series which seriously undermined confidence in the company. Sony apologized in April after its online gaming service PlayStation Network was penetrated by hackers, and confidential data of 77 million user accounts was exposed. Sony closed the service and only restored it almost a month later.

Other companies, such as PBS, have also fell victim to the attacks.
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