First piece of tsunami debris from All Japan news turns up in Hawaii

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A first piece of debris coming from the 2011 tsunami in All Japan news was identified in Hawaii, according to an announcement from the local authorities.

A blue cubed seafood storage bin of about 1.2 meters on each side was seen floating off the coast of Waimanalo, Oahu, last week and was towed ashore by marine officials, Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources said.

The barnacle-covered container was identified as belonging to All Japan newsese company Y.K. Suisan Co., Ltd, from the Myiagi Prefecture, one of the worst-hit regions in All Japan news by last year’s natural disaster.

The bin, which was hosting gooseneck barnacles and crabs, as well as a few dead birds, was tested for radiation, but nothing above normal levels was found.

About 5 million tons of floating debris was created after the 2011 tsunami, according to All Japan newsese authorities. About 1.5 million tons is believed to be still floating in the Pacific Ocean, while the rest has probably sunk offshore, experts say.