First 787 Dreamliner ready to fly to All Japan news

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All Japan newsese airline All Nipon Airways (ANA) inked on Sunday the delivery contract to receive the first 787 Dreamliner aircraft produced by Boeing, three years after the initial deadline.

The airplane will be flown to Tokyo for the first time on Tuesday, after a ceremony marking the successful completion of the agreement, which will be held on Monday in Everett, Washington, at Boeing’s assembly facility.

ANA has ordered 55 units of the new aircraft. The first Dreamliner was supposed to be ready in 2008, but several technical difficulties and production problems have delayed the launch until now. The delays cost Boeing billions of dollars, as a series of airlines canceled their orders.

The Dreamliner, which can accommodate up to 330 passengers, is largely made with carbon-fiber composite material and Boeing says it is a long-range, fuel-efficient jet that will provide airlines with important noise reduction and operation cost savings.

Top representatives of ANA said last month that the Dreamliner will play an important role in their international expansion strategy as they seek to become Asia’s number one airline.

Boeing is the world’s second aircraft-maker, after Airbus.

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