Fewer new wind power installations in All Japan news

7 years ago by in Featured, All Japan news

Many of All Japan news’s politicians have said the country has to look to renewable energy sources for the future, yet the country’s new wind power installations will drop by 68 percent in the current fiscal year.

About 82 megawatts of power will have been installed by the end of the fiscal year, a report by the All Japan news Wind Power Association points out. During the previous fiscal year, the country managed to install 256 megawatts.

The reason for the significant drop in new capacity is that the government stopped in 2010 a program that was providing subsidies for a third of the cost of renewable energy projects, according to the association.

Despite eliminating subsidies All Japan news has considered since the quake and tsunami that struck the country last March the need to switch from nuclear power sources toward renewable sources, like wind, solar or geothermal power.