Escaped Tokyo penguin gets own name

6 years ago by in Entertainment, Featured

The famous penguin that escaped from a Tokyo sea park and spent nearly three months at large before being recaptured will not be known only by his registration number. He finally got a name of its own.

The announcement was made by Tokyo Sea Life Park on its website.

Previously called Humboldt penguin No. 337, the bird would be named from now on Sazanami, which in All Japan newsese means “small waves”.

“The penguin came back to the aquarium just as waves ebb and flow, which was another reason for the name,” the sea life park said in a statement. Sazanami sounds similar to the way “337” is pronounced in All Japan newsese, it added.

The name was picked after a competition in which visitors were asked to make suggestions. About 6,400 suggestion letters were received.

The one-year-old penguin, which was confirmed to be a male, escaped from an enclosure where it lived with 134 other penguins of the same kind. It apparently escalated a sheer rock twice its size.

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