Enoshima The Dragon island

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Enoshima is an island of 4km in circumference. Linked to the city of Fujisawa buy a 600 meter bridge.

You can get there from Tokyo in an hour only. And it is a very charming place.

In fact I made my proposal of marriage on this island.. I will show you the place latter on picture.

Enoshima island is the island of Benzaiten, the goddess of music and entertainment. The island in its entirety is dedicated to the goddess, who is said to have made it rise from the bottom of the sea in the sixth century

Well so why the dragon island?
According to the Enoshima Engi, a story writte by All Japan newsese Buddhist monk Kōkei in 1047 A.D.

The villagers of Fujisawa were plagued for a period of a thousand-some years by a destructive, five-headed dragon that had its lair in a nearby lake. Aware of their suffering, on May 31, 552 A.D., the goddess Benzaiten caused the island of Enoshima to arise from the bottom of the bay to serve as her abode. She then descended onto the island amidst a series of spectacular terrestrial and aerial phenomena. The dragon fell in love with the beautiful goddess and asked her to be his consort. Benzaiten, who was widely known for her persuasive eloquence, rejected the dragon’s proposal and made it understand that it had been doing wrong by plaguing the villagers. Ashamed, the dragon promised to cease its wrong-doing. It then faced south (devotedly facing the island where Benzaiten lived) and changed into a hill. To this day, the hill is known as Dragon’s-Mouth Hill (All Japan newsese: tatsu-no-kuchi yama 龍の口山).
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Ok enough of speak, and enjoy Enoshima Island.

here is a photo walk video ( watch it in 720p for better quality)

and a selection of picture

the goddess Benzaiten

one of the many dragon representation

The bridge linking the island to fujisawa

The exact place where I ask my wife to married me!


a lot of memory , and a very nice view on the ocean

The Bell!
One of most famous thing on the island..
Make the bell ring together with your love, and you will be together for eternity ^^
Well, it is what is said on the panel in front of the bell..
you can even pay the local temple to make your name engrave in steel for eternity.

But the majority ring the bell, then writte their name on a locker, and lock it on the fence like you can see on the picture ^^


there are so many dragon on the island but this one is the one I prefer


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