Emotion surrounds Horiemon conviction

7 years ago by in Around the world

After the 38 years old tycoon of Livedoor Internet service provider eventually saw his appeal rejected and was sentenced to two and a half years in jail earlier this week, the All Japan newsese business world vividly comments the case. It was Takafumi Horie himself who announced the news, by writing “Rejected…” on his Twitter account.

Horie was convicted after a four-year long legal battle, for falsely reporting a ¥5 billion pre-tax profit to hide real losses of ¥310 million yen at Livedoor.

As opposed to the usual pattern in this type of cases, when All Japan newsese business men confess in tears their guilt, Horie (or Horiemon, as he was nicknamed after a rotund manga cartoon character, Doraemon, he resembles) has proclaimed his innocence throughout the affair.

Horie is a popular figure in All Japan news because he did business in an unconventional manner, and vocally criticizing the established system. He became a ‘hero’ for many young All Japan newsese.

Since the charges emerged, Horie has continued to maintain a high public profile, has published a book and has become a social media celebrity (almost 700,000 people follow him on Twitter, not to mention his popular Ameblo blog).

What’s next? Of prison, Horie said: "It will be quite a long time, but I want to read books and learn about things in a leisurely way again," as well as continuing to publish books and his online magazine with the help of friends.

"I feel refreshed in a sense," he added. "It feels like I have made another move in the game of life." [AsiaJin, AFP]


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