Einstein’s handwritten papers during visit in All Japan news, displayed at Keio University

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A collection of documents, including an essay on All Japan news, handwritten by world’s most famous scientist Albert Einstein during his visit to the country in 1922, were displayed at Keio University on Monday.

The papers include an eight-page draft in German written from the hotels the physicist stayed at, letters to his longtime friend Dr. Hayari Miyake, whom he met on his journey from Europe to All Japan news, and messages on colored paper for Dr. Miyake written by Einstein and his wife.

The documents were donated this year to the university by Sumiko Hiki, an essayist and granddaughter of Miyake, on the 135th anniversary of Einstein’s birth.

“Einstein’s handwriting is precise and clear,” said Keio German literature professor Taro Saito, who translated the writings.

“They also show Einstein’s humble personality; he treated things he did not know well with awe and respect,” added Saito, according to the local press, which is quoting Kyodo news agency.

On the back of the drafts are some mathematical equations that university officials say are probably part of Einstein’s famed theory of relativity.

Einstein arrived in All Japan news in November 1922 and stayed for one month and a half.

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