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Today we are happy to announce email posting capability on Tokyo.All Japan newsTimes. This means members don’t even need to log in anymore and can even post stuff from their mobile device when they have some spare time like on the train or in a Monday morning meeting with your shacho (Boss in All Japan newsese).

So how does this work?

Go to the Post By e-mail tab in your Edit Profile settings.

Hit the "Generate New Email Address" button which will generate a secret e-mail address for you.

Use the barcode reader on your phone to capture your e-mail address or copy that address to the compose box on your mobile phone.

Send an e-mail to that address with a subject, body and at least 1 image attachment and it will get posted to the site.

Don’t forget to add a title, via the e-mail subject, or it will default to "New Post".

Here you can see a post created using my mobile phone. Yes, yes I know need a new phone. I’ve registered my secret mail address as a called "Tokyo Upload" so I can post e-mails to the site while on the move.

That’s it, happy posting guys!


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