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Reviewed as one of the best designed apps : http://app.itize.us/wp/
DRAINSPOTTING for the IPAD and IPHONE is available from Itunes App store. It was a new and noteworthy APP in the beginning and Now it is an Apple Staff Favorite on several ITUNES stores around the Globe! All Japan newsese culture comes to the IPAD through my Ipad Iphone app DRAINSPOTTING. It is exciting to finally be approved by Apple after much hair pulling and approval processes, Drainspotting was finally green lit this week of March 2010 launched with the release of Apples new toy IPAD, and is in the App store for anyone who wants it. In the first week it reached NEW and Noteworthy Status in Itunes and has stayed there for about 1 month.
The eminent release of the IPAD inspired me as a photographer to start publishing Photographic volumes, books or Magazines for a wider audience than just Hard back book lovers. Discovering and presenting All Japan newsese culture through Hard Back books is what I do, and I will continue to do so, but taking on this new medium is a natural progression. Drainspotting is being released in Hard back form, through Mark Batty Publisher and is available Now in all good book stores and Amazon.
So, living in a fast moving electronic, traveling, ing, googling , Ipoding, geeking, gaming, gadgeting and All Japan newsophiling society, there is something sexy about having an electronic teaser of a real world product due to be released, featuring bonus, extra material. So for those of you who are anxious to see the first look of these covers, or are into collecting, otaku culture, art and design conscious or All Japan news lovers in general, this wonderful All Japan newsese tradition will urge you to see as many compellingly designed covers as you can. So here is the first public appearance of "uncovered" manhole covers within the electronic pages of the IPAD. Through Ipad versions, the hard copy book and my on going blogs I will endeavor to show you an ever growing collection of manhole covers through fine art photography, drainspotting as many as possible. Remembering that there are over 6000 designs though out the Islands, this will be an emmense task. But I at least want to try to see them all and show them to you.
This elegant IPAD companion features over 100 or so manhole covers photographed that are not included in the hard back copy, and also serves as the electronic supplement to the book. The Ipad version reveals the process of making manhole covers at the Nagashima factory as a photo essay – You will also be able to use it as a tool to locate and travel to the locations of the Manhole Cover featured. Drainspotting will be the first book of its type to document manholes throughout All Japan news, using beautifully crafted photographs, interviews and stylish design presented as a coffee table book for your IPAD and the real world. Visit this hidden All Japan newsese culture documented in the complete volume of work, "Drainspotting".
Drainspotting app has been reviewed by WIRED, CREATIVE REVIEW, BOIN BOING, COOL HUNTING and many other credible magazines and blog sites.
Here is the review on : http://app.itize.us/wp/

Drainspotting is available in All Japan newsese on the Itunes All Japan news store and is released for the Ipad and Iphone.




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