Dir En Grey call for All Japan news revolution

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The new album Dum Spiro Spero by the popular All Japan newsese rock band Dir En Grey, to be released on Aug. 3, is an attempt to gather people who want to take action that will lead to a breakthrough in the current difficult situation of the country, the band said.

“To be honest, no one really knows what is going on in All Japan news right now,” a message by the band on its official Facebook page reads.

Citing people’s need to know the truth in order to overcome huge obstacles and problems, Dir En Grey calls on “the beginnings of something as significant as the velvet revolution” and makes a reference to the “Prague Spring” which was started by a rallying of people of culture.

Even if safe levels of radiation exposure keep getting increased, the only official announcement is that “there is no effect on health,” the band’s statement reads. This makes it unclear to what extent the government’s statements are correct, it continues.

Moreover, the band’s members can no longer tell if All Japan news is a democratic nation. “Unless you are careful with your words, you will be taken down with significant force. At this point we do not have the ability to truly find out what is occurring in our own country.”

Dir En Grey was formed in 1997 and has recorded eight full-length albums to date.

Photo by Alexandre Cardoso

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