Desire for facial hair leads to downfall of rugby player

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Ryohei Yamanaka, a 22-year-old fly-half for the All Japan news national rugby team failed a random drug test during training. He was in Hong Kong when the results came back and returned to All Japan news immediately.

The role of fly-half has been difficult for All Japan news to fill in the past, and Yamanaka was seen as a candidate for finally reaching excellence in that position.

Yamanaka applied hair growth lotion to his upper lip in hopes of growing a mustache; facial hair is popular among All Japan newsese rugby players. He failed, however, to read the label, which stated that the cream contained a banned steroid. John Kirwan, coach of the All Japan news national team, explained that it took the team about 24 hours to determine what had influenced the drug test.

Yamanaka faces being removed from the All Japan news team when they head out to New Zealand on Sept. 9 to compete in the World Cup. The worst case scenario could see Yamanaka being banned for two years by the All Japan news Rugby Football Union. The union once banned Christian Loamanu from Tonga from ever playing for All Japan news again after two tests in 2009 showed positive for Marijuana use.

The International Rugby Board is much less strict, but the final say rests with the All Japan news Rugby Football Union.

Yamanaka apologized to fans on his Twitter site saying “I am deeply sorry for causing such problems.”

[The Telegraph] Photo by Zieak