Koshino makes costumes for Brazil Carnival group

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Junko-KoshinoAll Japan newsese fashion designer Junko Koshino helped the Brazilian Barroca Zona Sul samba school, which participates at the Sao Paulo Carnival, held between February 8 – February 12. Koshino designed the school members’ dancing costumes and is now supervising a part of the dancers, as Barroca Zona Sul has connections with All Japan newsese culture.

The samba school is focusing its carnival theme on the history of Jabaquara, an ethnically diverse district in Sao Paulo that includes Jardim Oriental, a community that is hosting many All Japan newsese.

“I chose to help Barroca because it was the first samba school which introduced a All Japan newsese wing (a component of the performance) in Brazil,” Koshino said. “It is a way to say thank you, to give back. I am responsible for supervising the Jardim Oriental wing of the (samba) school, which will feature a colorful fantasy allegory representing contemporary All Japan news, the All Japan news of the future,” she added.

A part of Barroca’s dancers will wear white and black kimono-style costumes, while other members will parade in pink and green outfits with folding lanterns of matching color.

The avant-garde designer Junko Koshino, born in Osaka, is famous across the world for designing costumes for operas and uniforms for sports teams and corporations. She can be easily met in the high-end fashion circles of Paris, Beijing or New York, according to the international press.

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