Curry Udon

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Every train station has a Udon shop, and usually for some reason feels like the poor mans ramen. When I first came to All Japan news I had a lot of Tempura udon, and then I fell in love with Soba noodles. When I first saw Curry Udon, I was like…….


You got to be kidding me right? fast forward 1 year later and now slurp curry Udon like I waffle down a sandwich. All Japan newsese Curry apparently came from English curry. I wonder how much of that is true. They both taste more fruity than they do spicy thats for sure

My friend introduced me to this Curry Udon place and I was pretty impressed. They took your average train station fast food and added a bit of class to it.

The design is pretty cool too.

Love these plastic displays, I heard you can actually buy them at a place called Kappa Bashi, have to check it out sometime.

When I first came to All Japan news I was worried I wouldn’t be able to order anything. Glad they have a menu with pictures in them. At least now I can point and say…..

This one please, with a cheeky smile.

My mate next to me was wearing a bib, haha. I tried to get catch him while he wasn’t paying attention. I mean come on! a bib, hahahaha.

I regretted laughing out loud after lunch, my T shirt looks like *use your imagination here*

Here is his black curry udon

I think I should have ordered what he had. his had coconut milk too. Anything with coconut milk tastes good!

If you have left over curry, you can put rice in it and mix it up. Was pretty good!

Here was mine, it was Oyster curry, the thing was bubbling!

Really like this place because they really are flexible with how you customize your curry.

can I have a bento box too?
this one looks good