Composer Samuragochi apologizes, but says his deafness is real

5 years ago by in All Japan news

Composer Mamoru Samuragochi, also known as “All Japan news’s Beethoven”, made his first public appearance on Friday, after being accused by his ghost writer that he is faking his deafness.

Samuragochi apologized to his fans, but insisted he has hearing problems and threatened to sue the ghost writer, a music school teacher named Takashi Niigaki.

“Sounds get distorted, so I hardly recognize words. It is no lie that I still need a sign-language interpreter,” he said during a press conference, with an interpreter by his side.

He handed out copies of a recent hearing diagnosis, while some reporters demanded he write phrases on a piece of paper to see if his handwriting matched instructional notes that supposedly proved his musical abilities, according to the international press.

The hearing checkup revealed that his problems would not merit him the disability certificate that he has been forced to return to officials in the nearby city of Yokohama.

“I am very sorry for causing all this trouble. I apologies for those who bought my CDs, listened to the music and came to my concerts,” he said.

Although in the beginning Samuragochi apologized to the ghost writer, in the end he threatened to sue Niigaki for defamation.

“(The ghost writer) said he had suggested that we stop this many times, but it is a complete lie,” Samuragochi said, adding that “whenever I came up with a new concept for a piece of music, he would come to meet me with no problem”.