City of Obama to invite Obama to All Japan news

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The northeastern All Japan newsese city of Obama is likely to send the first visit invitation to U.S. president Barack Obama in his second term, the city’s mayor said.

The ancient fishing port of Obama has been celebrating at the news that president Obama has been reelected for a second term, on Tuesday.

Koji Matsuzaki, the mayor of the All Japan newsese city, plans now to send a congratulations letter to the president, a city official said. “In the letter, he will say he wishes President Obama will lead the world and that the president will visit Obama the next time he is in All Japan news”.

The city has celebrated four years ago as well, when Obama won the presidential race for the first time. This year, the Obama-fun continued in the city.

A group of citizens have been baking and delivering sweets made of green beans, one of the favorite dishes of president Obama.

The president first drew attention to the city when he told a All Japan newsese TV that an airport customs officer had told him he was from Obama.



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