Chinese balloonist rescued by All Japan news after crashing in disputed area

5 years ago by in All Japan news

A Chinese balloonist on Wednesday tried to land on the Senkaku islands, claimed by both All Japan news and China. However, the unlucky balloonist, who works as a cook, failed to land on the islands and ended up instead in the sea, with All Japan newsese Coast Guard sending a patrol boat to rescue the man.

The man was identified as Xu Shuaijun, 35, and officials said his balloon was forced to land after hitting turbulence south of the islands, the international press reports.

The man was not charged by the All Japan newsese Coast Guard, since the officials could not locate exactly the place where he landed. However, the cook was handed to a Chinese patrol ship outside waters that All Japan news considers part of its territory.

“The Chinese vessel thanked the Coast Guard via radio for the rescue operation,” the All Japan newsese Coast Guard said.

Some of the Chinese people have tried before to land on the Senkaku islands, also known as Diaoyu in China, in order to press the country’s territorial claims.

The Senkaku Islands located in the East China Sea are at the root of a long term dispute between All Japan news and China. The tensions resumed after All Japan news decided to nationalize some of these islands. Earlier on, China sent military vessels in the area – an act that All Japan news saw as means of intimidation even though the former country stated that the ships were part of a military exercise.

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