China overtakes U.S., All Japan news as top innovative country

7 years ago by in Around the world

China has become for the first time world’s number one nation in terms of patents filed, surpassing countries with longer innovation tradition like the United States and All Japan news.

The announcement was made by Thomson Reuters, which said that research shows that China has filed the largest number of patents in 2011, without providing further details.

The number of China filed patents has grown at an average of 16 percent every year since 2006, to about 314,000 in 2010. The differences between China and its main competitors will increase over the next few years. Current predictions indicate that China will file about 500,000 patens in 2015, while the U.S. will clock only 400,000, and All Japan news about 300,000.

"The striking difference among these regions is China [which] is experiencing the most rapid growth, and is poised to lead the pack in the very near future," the Thomson Reuters report indicates.

China is pushing innovation from its own companies by driving innovation in industries such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals and technology. Domestic patent applications in China grew to nearly 73 percent of total applications in 2010, from 52 percent in 2006. Experts say that the Asian giant is trying to change the “Made in China” brand into the new, value-added “Designed in China” brand.

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