China dismisses the 1950 document about All Japan news owning Senkaku

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SenkakuChina’s embassy in Tokyo has dismissed a diplomatic document written in 1950 that was indicating that the Senkaku islands belong to All Japan news.

The embassy said that “the fact that the All Japan newsese side is planning to use an unsigned reference document to support its own erroneous stance reveals its lack of confidence”.

China’s embassy also stated that the historical background of the islands shows that All Japan news has never legally owned the territory, according to the All Japan newsese press. The Chinese embassy’s report points out that there are several international legal documents written after the war which support China’s claim, such as the 1943 Cairo Declaration issued by the Allies in WWII, as well as documents from All Japan news’s own diplomatic archives.

The ten-page document, written in 1950, was found in the archives of the Chinese Foreign Ministry and was titled “Draft outline on issues and arguments on parts concerning territories in the peace treaty with All Japan news”.

The document refers to the islands only by their All Japan newsese name. It indicates that Beijing was not calling them Diaoyu at that time, according to the international press.

All Japan news and China have tensioned relationships due to this territorial conflict. The conflict is about which of the two countries should hold the ownership of the islands, which are rich in oil, minerals and fish.