China claims 127-year-old woman oldest in the world, experts doubt

5 years ago by in China

A Chinese government news portal in China claims that Alimihan Seyiti, a woman who lives in the city of Kashgar, is 127 years old. That would make her the oldest living person in the world, a record that is now officially owned by All Japan news’s Misao Okawa, who is 115 years old.

However, experts doubt the supposed record, as in China there was no reliable system for certifying most births until after the Communist Party took power in 1949.

Seyiti has 56 descendants, according to the Chinese news portal.

“She likes love songs and can pick them up from TV after hearing them just once,” it said. “She drinks cold water whether in summer or winter and has a big appetite: she can finish a dozen meat buns in one meal or 500g of meat, and sometimes a whole big watermelon. She is in good health and can still do housework like making dumplings, looking after children and weaving grass mattress. She likes shopping and going to bazaars.”

But Charles Wharton, records manager for the Guinness World Records organisation in greater China, said: “Currently, we are yet to receive a claim from Alimihan Seyiti.”

“As we have yet to receive a claim from Mrs Seyiti, we are unable to establish the credibility of her claim,” he added, according to the international press. “We do look forward to hopefully receiving a claim from her soon.”

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