Children from All Japan news make longest flying paper airplane

5 years ago by in Entertainment

Children in a city by the Sea of All Japan news made the longest flying paper airplane, which is more than 2 meters long. The flying device was shown at a special event Wednesday.

Ten children folded cardboard sheets into five 217-centimeter long planes at a science museum in Kurobe City in Toyama Prefecture and threw the planes into the air from the platform of a special vehicle outside the museum, according to the media.

The platform can be raised up to 9 meters above the ground. Two of the 5 planes made by the children, each weighing 4.5 kilograms, successfully flew about 20 meters.

According to the Origami Airplane Association,  the unusual devices are 5 centimeters longer than the previous longest paper plane which actually flew. An elementary school girl told the press that she was able to work with others and enjoyed the event.