Cheap rent for low weight

6 years ago by in Entertainment

Shared accommodation seems to be a concept that is developing more and more in All Japan news according to local apartment operators. Some of these companies are testing rather unusual methods in order to attract more renters and to differentiate themselves from the competition.

In its attempt to become more visible on the market, Lady Share House B&D in Osaka has come up with a rather unique method for calculating rents that incentivizes successful dieting, according to the local press. The method addresses only to women: they are weighed every three months and their rent is calculated by multiplying the renter’s number of kilograms with Y1,000 ($10.50). The minimum rent to start with is of Y38,000 ($400).

So, for example, if the renter’s weight is 60 kilograms, she would have to pay Y60,000 for the rent. But if three months later she managed to lose 10 kilograms, then the rent would also be reduced with Y10,000 and the renter would have to pay only Y50,000.

In order to help the renters lose weight and pay less, Lady Share House B&D also opened an exercise studio equipped with aerobic bikes and other fitness gear. The company managing the facility operates a beauty spa as well and offers tenants free lectures on topics such as dieting and weight loss techniques.