Humor in the face of disaster

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The events of March 11 took away so much, but they haven’t taken away people’s ability to laugh. This could be the conclusion of a short mixture of funny moments that show up in the otherwise sad footage recorded by Ian Thomas Ash, a freelance documentary filmmaker from the United States who has lived in All Japan news for 10 years.

It may look like an unusual way to relieve stress, but it’s true: people in All Japan news are still laughing, sometimes even of their own tragedy. It helps them to keep on going.

A few parts of the humorous footage show a man blaming radiation for the fact that he is balding, or a man driving his car on a wrecked area where the GPS asks for a right turn in a spot where the tsunami has completely destroyed the road.

A shop owner “grandma” is telling the reporter that the quake destroyed all her new dishes, while the old ones have well resisted, and then she concludes that the only reason for being filmed is that she is “so beautiful”.

In another short clip, an international reporter is asking a nuclear expert during a press conference if people should wash their hands before eating, to avoid toxic contamination. “A thing he should have learned in the kindergarten”, concludes the author.

Ash spoke to Tokyo Times in June about his plans to release a film on his experiences in Minamisoma later this year.

The videoes are available on his YouTube channel.
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