Amazon All Japan news hires goats to mow grass

5 years ago by in Entertainment

Internet retailer Amazon All Japan news reported a problem this week at their Gifu Prefecture distribution center: the grass was too long. Instead of hiring personnel to cut the weeds with a lawn mower, the company chose a more eco-friendly solution.

Amazon All Japan news hired several goats to take care of the grass. The goats will be taken from a local farm to the company’s distribution center once a week until the end of October. They will nibble down around 3,750 square meters of grass, according to the international press.

The area has been surrounded with a 1.6-meter-tall fence in order to keep the animals away from the building.

The experimental ecological weeding activity is part of Amazon All Japan news’s environmental programs, the international media reports. Amazon All Japan news expressed the hope that through goat weed it will reduce carbon dioxide emissions caused by the mowing machine.

The company has officially hired the goats following a procedure similar to the one used when hiring humans: it made identity cards for goats, just as it did for its human employees.