Cat cafes offer All Japan newsese place for paws

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It may not be your usual cafe where drinks and food are the staples. But it equally offers an ambience that is a perfect respite for Tokyo residents.

At cat cafes, customers can play, talk, or simply cuddle a number of felines. With the stresses and pressures of long hours of work, high cost of living and loneliness for a number of single people in the country, All Japan newsese can take a breather at cat cafes where they can enjoy the company of cats and opt to take care of them for a few hours as if they are their own pets.

Cat cafes have increasingly become popular in All Japan news especially among childless and single people, although other customers are equally attracted to them, such as the elderly individuals and businessmen, young couples on a first date and groups of friends.

The world’s first cat cafe was put up in Taiwan in 1998, and became extremely popular among All Japan newsese tourists. The first cat cafe in All Japan news opened in Osaka in 2004. Today, there are at least 39 cat cafes in Tokyo alone.

The increasing popularity of cat cafes made their felines become mini-celebrities finding themselves in magazines and coffee table books.

Other than the joy of playing with cats, most cat cafes also offer other amenities such as laptops, video games and manga.

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