Capcom to enter mobile social gaming

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Capcom, one of All Japan news’s biggest makers of video games, decided to tackle the global social games market with a special new spin-off company, called Beeline Interactive.

The new company will develop and distribute social games to users of smartphones in All Japan news and other Asian countries.

Capcom was motivated to eye the smartphone segment in particular after the success they had on mobiles so far. Three casual freemium games Capcom offered to cell phone users were downloaded 15 million times, “a pretty solid number”, according to blog, which focuses on All Japan news web consulting and research.

The company motivated the move by “advances in the performance of cell phones along with the emergence of social networking services”, which “have attracted users in all areas of the world who had never before played a video game”.

Another trend witnessed by Capcom is the huge increase of smartphone usage. According to the company, the number of smartphones in use is expected to surpass the number of personal computers in 2012.

Beeline was established on Tuesday in Osaka, with the company saying its aim was to create a second brand. "The overseas social game business must be differentiated from the Capcom brand," the company said in a statement. "Therefore, Capcom decided to create a second brand called "Beeline" for the development and distribution of social games on smartphones."


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