Canadians to sue Sony over data leak

8 years ago by in Around the world

Photo by Ian Muttoo

Anger around the world continues to build after Sony announced that hackers breached the Playstation network and potentially stolen information from millions of users; Canadians appear to be leading the charge against the All Japan newsese company.

On Wednesday the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the country’s government run news agency, reported that a class action law suit for break of privacy was filed in an Ontario court against Sony U.S., Sony, Canada and Sony All Japan news and other Sony affiliates.

The law suit was filed by the Toronto law firm, Toronto law firm McPhadden Samac on behalf of Natasha Maksimovic of Mississauga, Ontario. They are claiming damages in excess of $1 billion. The law suit includes the fees to hire credit card monitoring companies as well as fraud insurance protection over the next two years. On April 27, Sony reported that hackers breached their network and could have stolen credit card and other personal information from 77 million users. According to some analysts this could be the biggest network breach in history. [CBC]