Bloomberg slams DPJ: expectations betrayed, party falling apart

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The Democratic Party of All Japan news (DPJ) needs to be resuscitated as the public support has plummeted after a year and a half of broken promises and an unconvincing relief strategy following the March natural disasters, a Bloomberg analysis shows.

DPJ has came to power in 2009 amid All Japan news’s worst crisis since the World War II, when a big part of the population believed in their promises to tackle All Japan news’s biggest problems: a long lasting deflation, an aging population and the biggest national debt in the world. The party has however failed on all fronts and now even its own lawmakers begin to turn back on their leaders.

"The public had enormous expectations for the DPJ," senior party lawmaker Hajime Ishii said in an interview. "But after a year and a half of our government management, they feel those expectations were betrayed."

Since the DPJ has come in power, the Nikkei 225 Stock index fell by 6.3 percent, while the MSCI AC Asia Pacific Excluding All Japan news has increased by 27 percent.

Prime minister Naoto Kan is receiving less and less support on how he has been dealing with the crisis following the March natural disasters. About two thirds of the nearly 2,000 respondents to a poll conducted by Asahi newspaper on Sunday said they were disapproving Kan’s reaction to the nuclear crisis.

DPJ’s fall doesn’t however seems to help its rivals, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). The Asahi poll also showed that both parties have a support rate of about 19 percent, both rather unchanged since last month.

Kan is getting public heat to resign, and even legislators inside the party have publicly expressed opinions that he should go if the situation at the crippled Fukushima plant does not improve.

"The DPJ is falling apart," said Gerald Curtis, professor of All Japan newsese politics at Columbia University in New York. "It’s kind of suicidal. A lot of people in the DPJ will lose in the next election." [Bloomberg via SFGate]

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