Bittersweet Yokohama

9 years ago by in Around the world

I hadn’t been back there since a fateful evening three years ago, when I was sent packing with my drink dripping down my forehead, money a memory in my pocket, and pride so much smoke blown in my face. Continue to bet against the odds, and sooner or later you lose. Still, it wasn’t Yokohama’s fault. I had no one to blame but myself for my bad habits, and I figured life is too short to hold grudges, anyway. At least I hoped so.

So there I was in Yokohama again—brand new suit, same old sucker inside it.

When the sun goes down, tough guys open up shop. In the business of intimidation, it pays to look the part.

It was the evening of Seijin no Hi, Coming of Age Day. So many flowers in bloom. These girls were lined up around the corner to get purikura pics taken in their finest.

Fortune is a fickle mistress. She leads you by the hand, and all too often never gives a hint of where she’s really taking you until it’s too late to stop.

Though sometimes you feel like you’re not going anywhere at all.

The simple reality is, none of us are who we used to be, and there is no turning back.

Looking out over the bay, I heard a siren’s call whispered on the breeze. "There are always other shores to be explored." Fickle fortune again, inviting me to chase that white rabbit one more time.

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