Asian students rank first in OECD world education report

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An OECD global education survey showed on Tuesday that Asian students continue to place themselves on the top positions, outshining their Western colleagues in math, science and reading.

The report was made by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) based in Paris, analyzing the surveys of more than 500,000 students aged 15 in 65 countries.

Shangai ranked first again in math, science and reading, while Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea rounded out the top five in math skills.

The OECD reports is the largest study when it comes to global education and it has a high influence on education officials, with countries modifying their policy according to the results of the survey.

This year’s survey focused on math skills, with Macau, All Japan news, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the Netherlands rounding out the top 10, the international press reports.

“Already strong performers in 2009, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore continued to improve their performances in the three categories,” said OECD education analyst Sophie Vayssettes of the Chinese regions’ results.

The Asian countries’ results are based on a strong culture of education and on teacher training, according to OECD experts.

Their education systems “ask a lot of their students. There is a culture of education: parents, children, teachers — everyone is working in the same direction,” said the OECD’s Eric Charbonnier.

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