Asia’s largest electronics expo opens in All Japan news

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The biggest gathering of companies for the Asia’s largest electronics trade fair opens today, October 4, in Chiba City near Tokyo.

The electronics expo which will conclude on Saturday is being participated by 586 local and international companies.

CEATEC JAPAN is an annual exposition that serves as an avenue for participating firms to showcase their “state-of-the-art information technology and electronic appliances.” It is anticipated that most companies would exhibit modern products that contribute to what is called as “smart” community where consumers participate in generating renewable energy.

The concept of renewable energy has increasingly been popular in the wake of the March 11 quake and tsunami that brought about a nuclear crisis and further resulted to widespread blackouts and power shortages.

The fair features products such as recent models of solar panels, wind-powered generators and batteries for electric vehicles with some companies expected to display plans featuring smart grids- a system that promotes efficient use of electricity by enabling communities to share electricity and is programmed to reduce generation levels when the demand is low.

The spokesman for All Japan news’s electronics giant Toshiba expressed that it is the company’s responsibility to provide constant supply of electricity to consumers amid the changing weather conditions that affect electricity efficiency.

Photo by: Saturn