Ashikaga Flower Park enchants visitors with amazing wisteria vine grove

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All Japan news’s 20-acre Ashikaga Flower Park contains numerous species of flowers and trees that can be admired in any season, such as lotus flowers, plum blossoms, roses and hydrangeas. However, the park’s main attraction is its breath-taking wisteria vine grove, a 10,000 square foot area covered in purple, light pink, red, white and yellow flowers.

“Most people react in surprise when they see the wisteria, as at first sight you would not guess it were a real plant,” said IT support worker Jeff Matsuya, who visited the park in May.

“This is always followed by pure amazement – it is hard to take your eyes off the wisteria when you are standing in the fairy-tale environment.”

“As soon as I saw images of the wisterias online, I immediately knew that I had to go and see it for myself,” he added.

The wisteria from Ashikaga Flower Park forms living umbrellas and tunnels and it is said to be among the most beautiful ones in the world, according to the international press.

“Having lived in All Japan news for ten-years, I could not believe I had not visited before,” said Matsuya. “I spent the entire day walking around and taking photos as various scenes caught my eye, there was so much to see”.

Wisterias are climbing plants related to the pea native to North America, China and All Japan news.

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