As politicians wrangle, All Japan news's evacuees suffer

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Tens of thousands All Japan newsese evacuees are going through very tough times and their psychological state is being put at serious test, the Associated Press writes.

The “nuclear refugees”, people who were forced to leave their homes in the vicinity of the Fukushima crippled nuclear plant and live in temporary shelters, are especially affected since they were told to expect to live like this for at least nine months from now.

"I have pretty much given up," said a 63-year-old man who lives with about 1,000 other evacuees in a sports arena in the city of Koriyama, about 60 km away from the Fukushima plant. All I do every day is eat, sleep and watch TV. Every day seems so long. I’m in my 60s, I have no work. I have nothing to hold on to and I’m too old to start over."

Almost three months after the natural disasters that hit All Japan news in March, shelters around Fukushima are still full.

"They can’t think ahead to the future, and this is very hard psychologically," a health official in the town of Tomioka, near the nuclear plant, said. "They don’t know when they can go home. Families have been broken up. We need a solution."

The official added that psychologists are now regularly working with the evacuees and are also treating the people who show symptoms of depression. [AP via MercuryNews] Photo by The U.S. Army