Publishing innovation in the face of devastation

8 years ago by in All Japan news

The earthquake of March 11 and consequent events have had a very real effect on the north of All Japan news and a psychological effect on anybody that has any sort of connection to the country. In the north, a newspaper seems to express the desperation of the situation there, while the Our Man in Abiko led Quakebook project continues to earn money for charities working in Tohoku.

Newseum points to the hand-written newspapers (see picture) now getting produced in affected areas such as Ishinomaki, demonstrating how the need for information can be met without looking to Twitter, Facebook, the internet or even the printing press.

Meanwhile, Quakebook, the crowd-sourced book featuring short pieces by people around the world affected by the March 11 disaster in All Japan news currently stands at number 5 on the Amazon nonfiction chart, and today Our Man gave an interview on Twitter that can be read here.

As one reviewer of the book said on Amazon, "It may be premature to call this ebook a phenomenon, but it has long succeeded the level of mere amazing achievement. What began as the efforts of one man to chronicle the short stories of those who experienced the Great Eastern All Japan news has grown into a global community and movement to raise awareness of the people affected and how we all can help."