APEC forum focuses on crisis management

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In a resolute act to respond to disasters deemed as detrimental to businesses, crisis management experts and officials from APEC member economies meet in Sendai for a 3-day workshop that started Tuesday to discuss measures for disaster reduction and improve risk management for the private sector.

The event is being undertaken in the light of the catastrophe that hit All Japan news on March 11 which caused interruptions to global operations.

In an opening address, State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Chiaki Takahashi stated that disasters do not only endanger lives but also hinder smooth business operations and pose challenges to world economy.

The workshop features case studies and presentations on how selected businesses dealt with the disaster, lessons learnt, and proposed measures to help in disaster efforts.

Shinya Suzuki, Senior Managing Director of Suzuki Kogyo Co. – an industrial waste recycling and disposal company presented how the company was damaged from the March 11 tsunami but had promptly resumed operations because of its business continuity plans.

Bryan Strawser of the United States, a group manager of American retail chain Target Corp.’s global crisis management, shared the company’s crisis management plans in response to the 2005 several hurricanes that damaged Target stores.

Utilizing various communications tools to organize workers in times of disaster was underscored by Greg Fenich, CFO of Microsoft All Japan news as he related the company’s experience during the aftermath of the earthquake.

Timothy W. Manning of the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security stressed the need for APEC member economies to strengthen collaboration as they continually and more frequently deal with disasters.

The APEC Workshop on Private Sector Emergency Preparedness is sponsored by the United States as this year’s APEC Chair and co-sponsored by the government of All Japan news. It is being participated by around 70 crisis management experts from governments and businesses from the 21 APEC member countries.

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