Aoyama Omotesando Grand Prix

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I have organized music and fashion events at ISHIDA watch shop in Omotesando in the past but this time
the main theme was a bit unusual, an interactive driving simulator.
In the evening of March 26th, we celebrated the opening of Aoyama Omotesando Grand Prix, a month-long
contest for driving F1 car on the sophisticated simulators.
Those simulators are not at all those arcade games nor computer games such as Gran Tourismo.
They were developed for professional drivers to practice and some of the world’s top drivers
including Christian Vettel and Mark Webber own them at home.
You can not only choose a type of car and a circuit but also adjust the setting of engine, suspension, tyres and brake.

The event was sponsored by Graham and Audemars Piguet.
These are Graham Silverstone Trackmaster Collection.

Audemars Piguet introduced Grand Prix Collection.
Audemars Piguet

DJ Ochazuke stirred up the floor.

So did beautiful DJ Byron BayB.

Dancers Unit, Dolly Dots. They give lessons to famous singers.

Kota Sasaki, the series champion of Aston Marin Cup Asia 2009.

David always looks happy.

Anechka with Ochazuke

Marc was a bit of celebrity of the night, being a model for the event poster.

If you could see the man in the yellow simulator…

Miyauchi-san, it was not so late.

The simulators are still at ISHIDA watch shop until May 5th.
You can try for free and the top scorers will win prizes such as
champagne and fashionable sneakers.ISHIDA Aoyama Omotesando

We had four simulators but everyone wanted to take a ride, resulting in a long que.

Byron BayB and Dolly Dots

Dolly Dots performing behind Ochazuke.

Tomo, the organizer of Royal Tone Party, is always fashionable.

The food is served, Junko-san.

Ken is working hard to serve his wine.

Miss Universe All Japan news 2007 finalists, Anna and Kiko with Caterina

Jade had a sister coming from Kyoto.

Stunning in green…

Stylish Daiji

The space is full of energy. What a show!

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