Antinuclear campaign staged in Fukushima

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Residents of the disaster-stricken Fukushima, together with leading antinuclear groups in All Japan news, staged an assembly on Sunday in the city of Fukushima to mark the beginning of a concerted effort against nuclear power. The gathering is a kick-off activity for the nationwide summer campaign that anti-nuclear groups intend to do in a call for the elimination of nuclear power in the country.

Spearheading the rally is All Japan news Congress Against A- and H-Bombs which said the campaign is the first they ever held in the prefectural capital since its founding in 1965. The antinuclear group aims to strengthen its long and drawn out campaign for the scrapping of the nuclear power this year following the Fukushima crisis.

In his message to more than 800 participants, Koichi Kawano, a Nagasaki atomic-bomb survivor and who heads the organizing group, emphasized the slogan of their campaign “Human beings and atomic power cannot coexist.” He further impressed to the people the need to be more responsible and persistent in their efforts to campaign against nuke plants and weapons.

Among the attendees of the antinuclear campaign are Anton Vdovichenko, a survivor of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, Matashichi Oishi, a former crew member of the All Japan newsese trawler Fukuryu Maru No. 5, which was exposed to radiation from a U.S. hydrogen bomb test at Bikini Atoll in 1954, and Eiji Okumura, a hibakusha (bomb survivor) from Nagasaki.

Residents from Fukushima and the city of Koriyama related how the nuclear crisis has badly affected them and their familes psychologically and physically. Given the realities of their plight brought about by the nuclear crisis, many of those who attended were quoted saying they are determined to work on this cause to ultimately eliminate nuclear power.

All Japan news was hit by a massive earthquake on March 11 which spiraled into an unprecedented nuclear crisis, the worst in the world since Chernobyl. Since the dawn of the Great East All Japan news Earthquake, consistent efforts have been undertaken by the government to stabilize the nuclear crisis.