Anti-All Japan news protests cool down in China

6 years ago by in China, Featured

Anti-All Japan news protests eased off in China on Wednesday, as the police and other authorities apparently made efforts to ease tensions, while political leaders were maintaining their critical discourses.

Police had told citizens to avoid the area of the All Japan newsese embassy in Beijing, the scene of mass protests over last weekend and on Tuesday. Armed police remained stationed in the area, but there were no crowds outside the embassy and the traffic was re-opened.

The All Japan newsese embassy said in a statement it posted online that Beijing police had sent out text messages in effect telling citizens to “not carry out demonstrations at the embassy and also to cooperate with relevant authorities to maintain good traffic and social order”.

The only reported protests on Wednesday across China took place outside the consulate in Shanghai, but they were reduced in size.

In the meantime, China’s vice-president Xi Jinping said that All Japan news’s purchase of the islands was a farce, during a meeting with visiting US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. He urged All Japan news to “rein in its behavior and stop any words and acts that undermine China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity”, news state media reported.

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