Another problem for quake victims: Parking

8 years ago by in All Japan news

The list of troubles suffered by the victims of the March 11 tsunami and earthquake in the north of All Japan news just got a little longer.

The Daily Yomiuri reports residents in towns such as Rikuzen Takata in Iwate Prefecture are having to queue for around 30 minutes to park their cars.

The problem is space. The devastation wrought by the disaster has left debris over much of the space in the center of cities and towns hit by the tsunami. This has meant any free space is currently at a premium, with new homes desperately needed for the people currently living in evacuation shelters.

The problem is also likely to worsen in the coming months when more and more people get new cars as they try to rebuild their lives.

Hitoshi Nakamura, section chief of facility policy at the Nagaoka municipal government in Niigata Prefecture, told the Yomiuri: "The current situation is unprecedented, as it’s so difficult to find land that can be used for parking lots."

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