…and here comes the sun: Yeasayer

8 years ago by in Around the world

Yeasayer are making their All Japan news debut today, and there’s an impressive
turnout. Well, it was a choice between this and middle-aged pub
rockers Ocean Colour Scene over on the Green Stage, so that’s entirely
understandable. They get off to a slow start with the drowsy
"Tightrope" before taking it up a notch with "Wait for the Summer" and
the exuberant "2080." It’s pure party after that, though the lads seem
genuinely surprised by the enthusiasm of the crowd’s response.
Yeasayer are one of those rare indie bands who realize you can make a
crowd dance without resorting to disco beats, and the sugariness of
some of their melodies works well in the saunalike conditions of the
Red Marquee. "I Remember" and "Y.O.U" are predictable highlights, and
they finish with a rapturously received "Ambling Alp," along with a
promise to be back soon.

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