ANA expands with new Asian routes

7 years ago by in Business, Featured

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is preparing new routes from the domestic market to India and Vietnam, as well as one to Kuala Lumpur, and considers transferring more responsibilities to some of its subsidiaries as part of a strategy to increase international transport capacity.

Low-cost carriers Peach Aviation Ltd. and AirAsia All Japan news Co. will operate as group companies after April 2013, when ANA is expected to switch to a holding structure, according to the group’s president Shinichiro Ito, quoted by Kyodo.

“We are aiming to bolster international capacity in a short span of two years,” Ito said.

”Value will be added to flights in Asia used by many passengers coming across the Pacific (such as from the United States). The rate of foreign passengers is on the increase and is largely contributing to growth in ANA’s international flights,” he added.

ANA announced last month it eyed a 22 percent increase of the international passenger capacity through 2013 by adding new routes to its U.S., European and Asian businesses.

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