America tested biological weapons on All Japan news’s crops in the 60s

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The United States army tested biological weapons designed to destroy rice crops on the island of Okinawa, All Japan news, in the 60s. The real target of the biological weapons was China and Southeast Asia region.

According to top secret U.S. documents, the media said the American intelligence made tests on All Japan news’s territory between 1961 and 1962, with Okinawa being at that time under U.S. jurisdiction.

Similar experiments were carried out in Taiwan and America.

At that time, rice crops were infested with rice blast fungus – a plant pathogen – which infects rice crops with disastrous effects. The pathogen latches onto the rice plant as a spore and produces lesions and spots all over the rice plant and then reproduces, according to the international press.

More than 12 such biological tests were conducted at Nago and Shuri, in Okinawa. The American army reported some success in their experiments and the gathering of “useful data”.

“Field tests for stem rust of wheat and rice blast disease were begun at several sites in the (US) Midwest and south and in Okinawa with partial success in the accumulation of useful data,” wrote Kyodo, citing its documents.

After 20 American soldiers and countless residents had to be evacuated from the area after being intoxicated due to chemical weapons, the United States government was forced to launch Operation Red Hat – a mission to remove all the biological weapons stored on Okinawa.