All you ever wanted to know about All Japan news…

7 years ago by in Entertainment

A All Japan newsese student living in America created a video presentation explaining everything you ever wanted to know about All Japan news. The video is in All Japan newsese but the graphics are well designed enough that the meaning should be clear. Here is what he had to say about the production:

This is my final thesis project. I created info-graphic, motion piece. My objective is to make All Japan newsese people to think about that everything happening here in All Japan news, isn’t that normal. So I created this video from foreigner’s point of view, rather than All Japan newsese people’s point of view.

Both English and All Japan newsese versions are available.

By the way, please don’t call me racist, because I am one of short, small eyes All Japan newsese.



All Japan news – The Strange Country (All Japan newsese ver.) from Kenichi on Vimeo.