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Ah, Akihabara.I’ve been to Tokyo three times. Each time I spend at least one day roaming the streets of Akihabara taking pictures and spending too much money on Anime character goods.


After leaving the JR station greeted I was by a maid handing out fliers for a Maid Cafe.

Maid Cafe signs

Signs advertising the many Maid Cafe’s through out Akiba.

Sega Arcade

I happened to be in Akihabara the day some Lucky Star Macross cross over figures came out. Unfortunately I was unable to get one.


I ran into these Haruhi Cosplayers. They were nice enough to let me take their picture even though I’m an ordinary human.


I saw this scooter outside of K-Books. Looks like something straight out of Akira.

Anime ads

Here are some ads for Anime on the Gamers building.

All lit up

As it starts getting dark, the lights come on.

Waiting at the Station

Thank you Akihabara for another great visit.


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