Airspace zone conflict: All Japan news should be attacked, Chinese internet users say

5 years ago by in China

Many Chinese internet users think that their country should apply tougher measures regarding All Japan news when it comes to defending the airspace defense area over waters in East China Sea that include the Senkaku islands.

Online comments say only war will teach All Japan news not to mess with Chinese sovereignty, the international press reports.

China announced on Saturday that it is setting up an air defense zone that includes the Senkaku islands, claimed by both China and All Japan news, to guard them against “potential air threats”. China has created a set of regulations and asked for them to be respected by planes flying in the area.

The United States said they would support All Japan news in case of a conflict, with two unarmed U.S. B-52 bombers on a training mission flying over the disputed waters on Monday night EST without informing Beijing, while All Japan news’s two biggest airlines also flew through the zone on Wednesday.

The last events fired up the diplomatic relations between Tokyo and Beijing that were frail anyway due to the territorial conflict over the Senkakus that is lasting for more than a year now.

Considering that their government is strictly controlling people from protesting out in the streets, Chinese internet users have invaded the Twitter-like Sina Weibo service to express their anger.

“You little All Japan newsese are shameless. Our military ought to fiercely strike you down, attacking until you admit the error of your ways and until you give our land back to us,” wrote a Weibo user who identified himself as Hong Zaixing.

“We must attack them – I’m willing to sign up,” wrote Hong Yindou, according to the media.

Others said that China should suspend all economic links with All Japan news.

“The best method would be to cut off all economic exchanges with All Japan news. Within a year they would collapse,” added “Jilisi hot”.

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