After Fukushima, All Japan news turns to energy saving

7 years ago by in Around the world

Almost three quarters of the residents living in the Tepco service area have changed their lifestyles in order to save electricity, after the company’s Fukushima nuclear plant was destroyed by a tsunami in March.

The results of a survey conducted by Macromill in April on 500 respondents were quoted by the All Japan news for Sustainability NGO. About 71 percent of the respondents indicated changes in their way of living to save energy, such as “staying home more” (48 percent), “staying with the family in the same room more often” (32 percent), “bicycling or walking” (30 percent), “getting to sleep and waking up earlier” (25 percent).

Almost half of the respondents (41 percent) said that they tried to save energy before the quake as well, with the total of people who cut their consumption going as high as 95 percent.

What did people do to lower their energy bills? Turning off all unneeded lights, adjusting air conditioners temperatures, unplugging appliances while idle.

About 60 percent of the people say their lives are affected by the electricity shortages – for example with transportation systems – but acknowledge that it’s inevitable for a while longer.

Image by kainita