Legal loophole saves “peeper” on All Japan news flight

6 years ago by in Featured, All Japan news

Because prosecutors could not decide which prefecture a plane was flying over when a man took an upskirt photo of a cabin attendant, the man avoided charges.

The 34-year-old used a pen-shaped camera to take the photo during a domestic flight in All Japan news. After having been arrested by the police, he admitted what he had done, explaining that he was “aroused by uniforms,” according to press reports.

The incident occurred last month on a All Japan news Airlines flight from Takamatsu, in the southwest of All Japan news, to Tokyo.

Prosecutors dropped the charges despite an earlier conclusion of the police, based on witness accounts and analysis of flight data, that the plane was at the time flying over the western prefecture of Hyogo. Prosecutors said they were unable to decide with absolute certainty that the plane was not flying over neighboring prefectures, according to Kyodo.

Such offences typically fall under prefecture-level law in All Japan news and prosecutors have to indicate the exact location in order to continue a case.