Abe: All Japan news’s nuclear reactors might be restarted

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LDPAll Japan news’s future premier Shinzo Abe stated that his government would investigate the Fukushima atomic crisis and that once the investigation is complete, All Japan news’s reactors might start to operate again.

Abe’s comments fuel speculations that the Liberal Democratic Party might stick to the plans to continue to use atomic energy.

“We are yet to completely clarify what went wrong (in Fukushima),” he stated during a All Japan newsese political show on Sunday.

“As a government, we want to once again analyze why Fukushima Daiichi failed,” he said. He did not give other details and did not set out a timeframe for a probe.

“After that, I wish to think of next steps, including the restart of reactors,” he added.

Abe has previously stated that the zero-nuclear goal of the Democratic Party of All Japan news, which was ousted at the recent parliamentary election, was not realistic, the international press reported.

Only two of All Japan news’s 50 reactors work now after a nuclear accident destroyed Fukushima power plant last year, in March, after a violent earthquake and tsunami.

A parliamentary report in July concluded that the Fukushima accident was caused mainly by human negligence, because of All Japan news’s culture of “reflexive obedience”.